What we do for you

Our service portfolio includes all aspects necessary for an extensive tax consulting. We are working in all areas of the national and international tax law and therefore advise as CPAs in all entrepreneurial and economical situations. Moreover we operate in a wide network of consultants and lawyers with whom we are cooperating if necessary.

These are the services we engage for you:

Tax Consulting

Latest Information
About The Tax Legislation

Our consulting is an active and dynamic process. In case a new tax law is in place and involves one of our clients, we immediately try to make an appointment as soon as possible to discuss eventually mandatory steps.

Start-Ups/Advices On Type Of Business Organization

We think it is an attractive task to be on someone’s site, who decided to become an entrepreneur, to help planning and organizing every little step to accomplish the aim. In this early stage there are many various factors to be thought of in order to achieve a successful operating business. We indicate alternatives and provide individual instructions applying for each case.

Payroll/Financial Accounting

We examine in cooperation with clients the need and volume of the payroll and financial accounting and in which extent it has to be organized such as through digital procedures for instance. Accounting is the basis for an effective consulting during the year and at the same time for preparing the financial statements, which we accomplish with a special focus.

Preparing The Financial Statements/
Filing Tax Declarations

Financial statements serve as basis for the tax burden. Furthermore it serves as main information for banks processing their lending procedures. The financial statements work as indicator for economic success of a company and as well as a guide for actions in the future.

Assistance At Audits

Audits are usual procedures and gain more and more intensity based on our long experience. That is why we are by your site from the beginning and represent your interests and do our best to successfully assert your interests.

Company Restructures

Company mergers and acquisitions are essential for gaining market share. In these cases we are glad to be of assistance to our clients not just economically but also and especially tax wise, for buyers but also for sellers. In the past we have proven our expertise several times already and partly for international clients as well.

Inheritance Planning

The change of generations within companies is more common these days. These processes need planning especially with respect to taxes. We are able to show different scenarios and indicate the following consequences. We profit of a long expertise because we successfully consulted many clients in this matter.

Executor Of Last Will/Inheritance Planning

Weber & Partner supports you through your whole life, if you want to. We still provide our services even if you are in the higher ages.
We offer you an individually inheritance plan and even execute your last will.

Family Office

Wealthy private individuals are often overwhelmed by their investments and the administrative duties that come within. In these cases we offer a complete portfolio of our services. This includes the administration of your fortune and real estate and all related duties, such as the property management for instance.

Prosecution Of A Tax Offense

Assistance in additional declaration of earnings and support in the tax prosecution.

Audit and Assurance

Our auditing company provides the following services:

Audit of Financial Statements

Special Audits

Due Diligence regarding
mergers and acquisitions

Audits in accordance with the
German Makler- and Bauträgerverordnung

Implementation of rescue
operations according to IDW S 6